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I am 3 years old, I am a Ladybug.


Our preschool builds on each child's natural desire to learn new things and become self-reliant.  We work with children to develop skills in language, listening, making new friends, and following directions.  We support their growing sense of self-esteem and confidence by carefully planning challenges that have high chances for success.  We have created a year-round curriculum that focuses on universal age-appropriate activities and learning objectives such as: advanced recognition of numbers, shapes, and colors, sign language, etc.  Potty training assistance is available.  At three years old, your child should be able to:

Literacy and Communication Development
  • Understands the concepts of “same” and “different”

  • Has mastered some basic rules of grammar

  • Speaks in sentences of five to six words

  • Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand

  • Tells stories

Social & Emotional Development
  • Interested in new experiences

  • Cooperates with other children

  • Plays “Mom” or “Dad”

  • Increasingly inventive in fantasy play

  • Dresses and undresses

  • Negotiates solutions to conflicts

  • More independent

  • Imagines that many unfamiliar images may be “monsters”

  • Views self as a whole person involving body, mind, and feelings

  • Often cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality

Cognitive Development
  • Correctly names some colors

  • Understands the concept of counting and may know a few numbers

  • Approaches problems from a single point of view

  • Begins to have a clearer sense of time

  • Follows three-part commands

  • Recalls parts of a story

  • Understands the concept of same/different

  • Engages in fantasy play

Perceptual & Motor Development
  • Hops and stands on one foot up to five seconds

  • Goes upstairs and downstairs without support

  • Kicks ball forward

  • Throws ball overhand

  • Catches bounced ball most of the time

  • Moves forward and backward with agility

  • Copies square shapes

  • Draws a person with two to four body parts

  • Uses scissors

  • Draws circles and squares

  • Begins to copy some capital letters

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