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*Free Childcare at all Sites*

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Open enrollment for children 

0-17 years of age!


In addition to an entire year of curriculum based lesson plans,

we offer tons of extracurricular activities such as:

Spanish, Hmong, ASL, & English Lessons                                 Homestyle Living      

Music & Movement                                                                 Language & Phonics

                                      Cooking                                                                             Perceptual and Motor                               

                                             Yoga                                                                                           Arts & Crafts                                              Mathematics                                                                 Social Science & Geography

And much more!

A Message from Our

Site Director:


"At Tots of Love Child Development Center, our mission is to provide your child with a safe space to explore, learn, and grow all while getting the utmost support and love.


Our main goal is to educate, inspire, and motivate each family and child that we have the honor of serving.

Thank you for choosing Tots of Love as your extended family in childcare!"

~ Ms. Liliya ~