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I am 0-24 Months old, I am a Caterpillar/ Butterfly.

​Our  Infant/ Toddler Class

Our infant and toddler development program is a balance between adult stimulation and independent exploration.  Social and emotional development go hand-in-hand and are equally as important.  Children's physical needs are met, from being kept safe to building new skills.  We have created a year around curriculum that focuses on universal age-appropriate activities and learning objectives such as: basic number recognition, shapes, colors, sign language, songs, etc.  Potty training is available.  Below are some of the developmental milestones that will help you determine if your child is ready to start preschool.  By two years of age, your child should:

Literacy and Communication Development
Social & Emotional Development
  • Listens to simple instructions

  • Sit still during a story

  • Recite the alphabet and recognize some letters

  • Recognize some shapes and colors

  • Recite his/ her full name

  • Expresses thoughts and needs verbally, with a growing vocabulary

  • Points to object or picture when it’s named for him

  • Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, and body parts

  • Says several single words (by fifteen to eighteen months)

  • Uses simple phrases (by eighteen to twenty-four months)

  • Uses two- to four-word sentences

  • Follows simple instructions

  • Repeats words overheard in conversation

  • Engage in pretend play

  • Recognize others' emotions

  • Engage in active play with others and/or alone

  • Takes turns and shares

  • Imitates behavior of others, especially adults and older children

  • Increasingly aware of herself as separate from others

  • Expresses thoughts and feelings

  • Asks questions

  • Increasing episodes of separation anxiety toward midyear, then they fade

  • Begins to show defiant behavior

  • Increasingly enthusiastic about company of other children

  • Demonstrates increasing independence

Cognitive Development
Perceptual & Motor Development
  • Finds objects even when hidden under two or three covers

  • Begins to sort by shapes and colors

  • Begins make-believe play

  • Put away his/ her own toys

  • Dress himself/ herself

  • String large beads

  • Interested in learning to use the potty

  • Finds objects even when hidden under two or three covers

  • Begins to run

  • Pulls toys behind her while walking

  • Carries large toy or several toys while walking

  • Scribbles spontaneously

  • Turns over container to pour out contents

  • Builds tower of four blocks or more

  • Might use one hand more frequently than the other

  • Kicks a ball

  • Climbs onto and down from furniture unassisted

  • Walks up and down stairs holding on to support

  • Walks alone and can also stands on tiptoe

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